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High capacity and high pressure steam boilers are available upon request. The boilers are designed and manufactured under license of ERK EckRohrkessel GmbH - Germany.

EckRohr Boilers are designed and built with more than 5,900 references throughout the world, for the lowest maintenance and highest reliability product ever made.

A Modern Industrial Steam Generator & Hot Water BoilerEckrohr- Boiler, formerly known as Corner Tube Boiler, is a high efficient boiler for all kinds of fuel, with 5,900 reference plant.

5600 Eckrohr-Boilers installed plants
Steaming capacities: up to 290,000 kg/hr
Steam pressure: up to 141 bar
Steam temperature up to 535 oC
Hot Water Generators up to 174 MW
Higher capacities can be offered
Eckrohr-Boilers work together with all burning systems. Burner from reknown manufacturers are in use for oil and gas firing. Solid fuels are burnt with all stokers and grates; also fluidized bed technologies. Eckrohr-Boilers are used as waste heat boiler behind Diesel engines, gas turbines, chemical or metallurgical process.